Tutoren Leipzig

What is the tableware exchange?

You go out into the great wide world, move into your room at the hall of residence, open the doors of the cupboard and you find...

Nothing! No plates, no cups, no cutlery. To prevent such disappointment, we have set up the tableware exchange.

We offer new and especially foreign students the possibility of getting tableware for free. Simply come to the tutors’ information bureau during the opening hours to borrow the things you need. When you do not need them anymore or you leave Leipzig, you have to return them to us.

This is, of course, possible only as long as we have tableware available. For this purpose, we need active help, not only from German students. If, by any chance you have granny’s old tableware in the cupboard or any other kitchen utensils or simply bought two or three pieces of the same useful thing over time: Bring it to us! The only requisite: The things should be suited to be passed on to new owners without hesitation. Pots and pans are always in demand and most welcome as donations!

We are available twice a week at the Tutors' Office  (Nürnberger Straße 42, Room 115). You can find the dish exchange open at the same hours in Nürnberger Straße 48 in the basement. We have multiple signs guiding you there.

If you do not have time during opening hours, just send us an e-mail to tutoren@studentenwerk-leipzig.de and we will try to provide you with an individual appointment.

For the sake of everyone’s health it has been decided to postpone our events by about a month.

Our speaking hours have also been cancelled, but the dish exchange has been reopened. Don't forget to keep a minimum distance and bring a face mask.

We continue to be reachable on Facebook and by mail in case you have any questions or need help. We will keep you up to date!